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Sunday April 20, 2014 | Anyone can become a private investigator at almost any age. Most of PI start out as field investigators for agencies. Detective will search, collect information, gather data, inspect and recognize evidence in civil cases and even in criminal case.  A lot number of fictional detectives stories have describe on this image, including Sherlock Holmes. They don’t necessarily wear hat, working on a weird neighborhoods or even call themselves detectives.  Yet, they still appear as heroes who have a capability for digging up the right facts and information. Below is an article of globalpost that shows The Qualifications of being a Private Investigator.



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Some crimes would go unsolved without private investigators, who interview people for information, conduct surveillance in homes and businesses and collect evidence used in courts. Some work for individuals, corporations and government agencies, while others are self-employed. If you are resourceful and inquisitive about legal issues and crime, you already have some private investigator qualities. The next step is pursuing a formal education and getting trained in a particular field.



Private investigators usually specialize in computer forensics, legal, corporate or financial investigations. Computer forensic investigators collect emails and evidence from computers to uncover crimes. Legal investigators often work for lawyers or law firms, locating witnesses, verifying facts and preparing criminal defenses. As a corporate investigator, you investigate employee drug use, conduct background checks on job applicants and uncover criminal activity, such as expense statement fraud and excessive billing by suppliers. Financial investigators search for corporate assets to reward plaintiffs in theft cases.



Some private investigators have associate’s or bachelor’s degrees, while others may need only high school educations. If you have a high school diploma, postsecondary courses in political science and criminal justice can help you get employed in this field.

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