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Monday April 14, 2014 | Most of the people know about private investigators come from the novels and movies. However being a Private Detective is not as action pack as it is pictured on movies.  Private investigator work is a higher investigative technique that takes many hours of practice to master.  I do not  entrust that you make a surveillance on a subject unless you are a qualified private investigator.  Below is an article of  LoupDargent about the “myths” of a PI, the difference between proving a case and breaking the law.


The private investigator or “private eye” is a quintessential character in fiction and there have been many famous private investigators in films, novels and television services. From Sherlock Holmes to Thomas Magnum, private investigators in fiction lead interesting lives which makes for great stories filled with mystery, intrigue and surprises.

However, is the private eye that we are familiar with in popular culture a realistic portrayal of what this job is actually like? Does a real private investigator sit in a dark and smoky office drinking a whisky on the rocks and leaning back with his feet on the desk? Does he always wear a dark trench coat and a cap, carrying a magnifying glass wherever he goes? Or what about the modern archetype of the charming clever young private investigator who has all of the coolest electronic equipment, from microphone bugs to hacking software? Or perhaps the cynical and rough-around-the-edges ex-cop who knows all the right people in all the wrong places?

The truth is that the types of detectives and private investigators that we see in film, novels and television are exaggerations. A real life private investigator usually doesn’t resemble these fictional characters in very many ways.

To read this article in its entirety visit LoupDargent

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