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A Private Investigators, also known as ‘private eyes’ provide surveillance, investigative, and research to clients. PIs are private citizens with various types of training and experience. Maybe its not as glorious as the TV shows make it out to be, but as a private investigator still be an exciting career. Metronews show us the step on how to become a license private investigator.


Do you love watching CSI? Have you ever embarked on your own private mission to secretly spy on someone or gather solid evidence to solve a case? Maybe you just love to read mystery novels. If you have a passion for investigating, you could consider making it into a professional career.

Here’s an introduction to exactly what private investigators do, the professional courses and licensing required and some programs offered here in Canada that you might just want to check out … or investigate.

What a PI does

As the name suggests, a PI investigates cases for private clients — either individuals, or corporate firms such as insurance companies. It is very important that the PI abide by the law at all times, which means not obtaining information illegally via means such as trespassing or wiretapping. PIs are very experienced at conducting database searches — they often have access to databases not available to the public — questioning suspects and witnesses, as well as trailing.

Types of cases

As with many other occupations, you can choose to specialize. Based on your interests, here are some types of work that you may wish to specialize in as a PI:

• Fraudulent insurance claims
• Threatening emails or stalkers
• Investigating theft cases or robberies
• Suspicions of infidelity between couples
• Missing persons cases

Salary expectations

According to, a Private Detective or Investigator in Canada earns an average wage of $20.40 per hour.

Keep in mind that your income will depend on the difficulty and type of case you are on, who your client is, as well as other factors such as the amount of experience you have.. Read More

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